ZÜRN 550 high-clearance tool carrier

Product Description

The flexible high-clearance tool carrier for all crop cultivation tasks

Thanks to its flexible mounting options, the ZÜRN 550 high-clearance tool carrier is a genuine all-rounder in all cultivation tasks.

But the ZÜRN 550 is more than just a high-performance plot divider. The tool carrier also reveals its strengths when spraying crop protection products and spreading fertilizers or as a mounting platform for sensor systems.

Versatile functions ensure convenient and efficient operation

The versatility of this tool carrier makes it suitable for a wide range of tasks throughout the year. This ensures an optimal capacity utilization and economical operation of the machine.

Your Zürn benefits at a glance

High-clearance tool carrier vehicle with 3 flexible mounting areas at front, rear and inter-axle locations
Very large ground clearance for operating in high crops and simple track width adjustment (option) to suit the plot layout
Hydrostatic 4-wheel drive and large tyres for high traction and reduced ground pressure in all operating conditions
Spacious cab provides a comfortable working environment and a high level of safety at work
High-performance engine and use of tried and tested ZÜRN 150 components for easy and fast spare parts access
Zürn attachments for plot cultivation: Plot divider with long, non-damaging torpedoes; pneumatic plot fertilizer spreader
Versatile application options throughout the year ensure an optimal capacity utilization and economical operation of the machine.

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