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Product Description

PremiumFlow high performance Belt Conveyor Header

A new dimension in harvesting performance

Larger cutting widths increase the impact at harvest, ensure a more uniform feed, lower working speeds and fewer passes. With the high performance belt header PremiumFlow 700 Series you are now harvesting in new dimensions of performance.

The largest PremiumFlow 740PF belt header with a working width of 12.20 m (40 ft) is perfectly tailored to your large John Deere combine harvester. The active transport of the material from the cutterbar to the feeding auger provides a significant increase in the performance of the machine.


Perfect cutting platform for large combines

With the PremiumFlow 700 Series belt header, you can fully utilise the power of your machine

The active transport of material through belt sections with individual bearing units ensures constant feeding of the threshing system and full utilisation of the combine.

To meet the requirements in working widths of more than 10 m, we have redesigned some of the proven features of the PremiumFlow cutting platform and partially applied completely new design techniques.

Thus, the new floor of the cutting platform is made of special plastic. The new design concept of the frame, which is similar to the construction of aircraft wings and the new design of lightweight belt bodies, enabling minimal maintenance all reduce the weight by 15 % in comparison to conventional designs.

PremiumFlow: A cut above the rest

  • The perfect feeding by the header is the basis for high performance. Due to the active transport the grain is always optimally supplied to the threshing unit.
  • PremiumFlow is the perfect header for the harvest of laid crops. Due to the active transport of the harvested crop from the cutterbar to the feeding auger, even short material is transferred in a constant flow to the auger.
  • Simultaneously, due to the large distance of 100 cm between the cutting section and the feeding auger, also long material is fed “headfirst” into the threshing section and is reliably threshed.

Award-winning innovations

Zürn PremiumFlow headers represent the highest level of innovation and performance worldwide. This was confirmed by the independent Innovations Commission of Agritechnica, the world’s biggest agricultural show:

  • The fully electrically driven header Zürn i-Flow – based on the technology of PremiumFlow 740PF – was awarded a silver medal at Agritechnica 2015 for its advanced technology.
  • The convincing concept of the PremiumFlow header was awarded with a silver medal at Agritechnica in 2005.


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