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Premium Flow – We don‘t want to run any other header any more



“We had our first PremiumFlow headers in 2006 and right from the beginning they were doing a great job and we are really satisfied. We now have four PremiumFlow in use and don‘t want to run any other type of cutting platform any more. With the PremiumFlow our drivers always have the right table length regardless of whether the crop is standing or laying. This relieves the staff especially on long working days.”

Reinhard Wirth, Planzenbau-Genossenschaft e.G. BernburgNord: arable farm with approx. 2,700 ha; currently 4 combines each with 10.70 m working width; use only PremiumFlow headers since 2006!





Profi Cut – The quality of work has convinced us in all conditions



When harvesting crops for biogas plants custom harvester Wolf needs high performing and indisputably reliable technology.
In 2011 the first Profi Cut was in operation at the custom harvester Wolf: “That was a test run in 4 – 5 m high sorghum, and some was laid crop. All competitors have failed in these diffi cult conditions. Only the Profi Cut has succeeded”. Wolf describes his first experience with the Zürn direct cutting header.
After this good demonstration the custom harvester has then bought a Profi Cut header. Also in the following years, Thomas Wolf has been convinced in his purchase decision: “The quality of work has convinced us in all conditions. Moreover Zürn has given us an outstanding service together with our local dealer. If there was a technical stop, they both helped us immediately”.

Custom harvester Thomas Wolf in Lower Franconia, Germany: Core business of the custom harvesting company is chopping. Today, 5 self-propelled John Deere forage harvesters are in operation. 2 permanent employees and 10 temporary drivers harvest around 200 – 300 hectares with the Profi Cut (gree rye, triticale mixture, a little sorghum). In addition 1,500 – 2,000 ha grass and about 2,500 ha silage maize. Customers mainly are biogas plants.

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